July 18, 2018

I announce today that I intend to seek Labor Party preselection for the federal electorate of Hindmarsh following the Electoral Commission’s decision to abolish the electorate of Port Adelaide, which I’ve represented since 2007.

The new boundaries of Hindmarsh bring together 60,000 voters from the existing Hindmarsh electorate with 60,000 voters from the Port Adelaide electorate.

Hindmarsh will include iconic suburbs from the Port Adelaide electorate – including the Port itself, Semaphore, Alberton, the Lefevre Peninsula, Woodville and others.

I am now the only MP who lives and has their electorate office within the new boundaries of Hindmarsh.

I’m relishing the opportunity to continue representing those parts of the Port Adelaide electorate redistributed to Hindmarsh if I’m fortunate enough to be the successful candidate. I’m also looking forward to having the opportunity to represent those parts of the Western suburbs currently within the old boundaries of Hindmarsh.

Obviously, until the next federal election, I will continue work hard to represent all residents of the current electorate of Port Adelaide

I’m delighted that Steve Georganas has decided to seek preselection for the federal seat of Adelaide. He now lives within those new boundaries, and will be an outstanding candidate for that seat. I look forward to working with Steve and my other Labor colleagues in the lead up to the next election.