Media Releases


April 16, 2022

Labor will support Melanoma Institute Australia to deliver their melanoma nurses program across every State and Territory. 

This national melanoma nurse support network will make sure more Australians with melanoma get the dedicated and specialised care they need. 

Over 16,000 people are diagnosed with melanoma every year.  

According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, Australia has the highest rate of melanoma in the world, adjusted for age. Melanoma kills one Australian every six hours. 

Melanoma nurses are based on similar successful models used in breast cancer and prostate cancer care. Melanoma nurses provide a personalised support service which helps patients navigate the health system, access available services and make decisions regarding their health.  

Melanoma nurses have the specialist knowledge, training and experience to make sure people have continuity of care – and someone to talk to who knows exactly what’s going on. 

Melanoma Institute Australia has successful melanoma nurse programs in Sydney, Wagga Wagga, Perth and Hobart. Labor will support this program to go national – benefiting every state and territory.  

Importantly, telehealth support will also be available to make sure no one misses out based on where they live. 

Labor will provide $14.8 million over the forward estimates as a grant to Melanoma Institute Australia so this trusted organisation can deliver more melanoma nurses in every state and territory.   

Quotes attributable to Anthony Albanese: 

“Unfortunately melanoma is a common disease in Australia. These Australians deserve personalised support, helping them navigate the web of medical practitioners which can often be overwhelming for those who are newly diagnosed. We’ll make sure people with melanoma get the care they need, in what can be a very difficult time.” 


Quotes attributable to Mark Butler: 

“This is just another example of Labor’s dedication to improving the health of Australians – no matter who you are or where you live in the country, Labor will make sure you get the care you need. Everyone needs to remember to slip, slop, slap – but the reality is melanoma is too common in Australia. Only Labor will fund personalised care for sufferers, ensuring they feel properly supported.” 


Quotes attributable to Jim Chalmers: 

“Like many Australians, I’ve had first-hand experience of the effect of the harsh Queensland sun. I know what it’s like to be diagnosed with melanoma, but I was one of the lucky ones. I can tell you the kind of personalised care melanoma nurses would deliver to sufferers will be of great benefit – I’m proud that Labor will be extending this service nationwide, including on the ground in Cairns and Townsville.”   

Quotes attributable to the CEO of Melanoma Institute Australia, Matthew Browne: 

“Melanoma Institute Australia welcomes this announcement as it is a critical step towards achieving our goal of zero deaths from melanoma from 2030.This investment will mean we are able to scale up our melanoma nurses program across the county – with 35 extra nurses by early 2025. This will build on our successful melanoma nurse program in Sydney, Wagga Wagga and Perth.”  


Quotes attributable to the CEO of the Melanoma Patients Association, Victoria Beedle: 

“The number of melanoma survivors is set to explode over the next eight years, increasing by 83 per cent to 348,000 Australians. Each person deserves the right nursing and supportive care. Melanoma Patients Australia warmly welcomes this proposed investment in face-to-face and telehealth melanoma nursing services to improve the outcomes for melanoma patients and their families across Australia.”