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February 29, 2016

On Friday the Government's Clean Energy Regulator released figures that show Australia's emissions have risen.

Australian companies that meet certain thresholds are required to report their emissions and energy information to the Clean Energy Regulator each year. They do this under two categories – scope 1 (direct emissions) and scope 2 (emissions which are created indirectly by a facility through the consumption of purchased electricity, heat or steam).

Last year under scope 1, 312 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions were reported, this year, that number rose to 322 million tonnes. They also went up in scope 2.

The Turnbull Government continues to talk about ‘meeting emissions reduction targets’ but cannot say that emissions are going down. And a report released by CO2 Australia shows emissions are going to increase even more.

The report Tree clearing in Australia: Its Contribution to Climate Change shows emissions from land clearing are rising, cancelling out emissions savings claimed by the Government through Direct Action.

The Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) is the centrepiece of Direct Action, which has spent the majority of its funds in land use, land-use change and forestry (LULUCF) emissions abatement. In 2015, two ERF auctions were held, with $1.2 billion spent to purchase greenhouse gas abatement of 92 Mt COâ‚‚e. Of this, more than half (51 Mt COâ‚‚e) was in the LULUCF sector.

Emissions from tree clearing in Queensland in 2013–14 were 36 Mt COâ‚‚e. At this rate, in 18 months tree clearing in Queensland alone will negate the entire LULUCF abatement achieved by the ERF.

The Government needs to take action on land clearing and develop a policy that will actually reduce emissions.