It’s time for a Royal Commission into Robodebt.

For four long years, this Government sent debt collectors after vulnerable Australians. Now we know that many of these “debts” were wrong or didn’t even exist.

We’ve heard from the victims of Robodebt. We’ve seen the toll that it’s taken on their families. Australians deserve to know how such a fundamentally flawed, dangerous and unlawful scheme was allowed to continue for as long as it did – and only the full investigative powers of a Royal Commission will help us find the truth.

A Royal Commission would shed light on critical questions that might otherwise go unanswered, including what the Government knew and when, what this scheme has cost the Australian taxpayer, and how many Australians have been harmed by the Robodebt scheme.

Australians deserve the truth – and only a Royal Commission will help us get there.

Please add your name and tell the Government that it’s time for a Royal Commission into Robodebt.

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